Membership Information

Low-cost annual memberships of $75.00 are available to those who want to participate in and benefit from the additional club activities. Initiation charges include a $50 application fee, and a one time back stop assessment fee of $100. Total first year cost is $225 - payable at the time of application. Our membership year runs from March to March.

Family memberships are available - the annual dues are $35 each. There are no initiation/assessment charges for additional family members.

Applicants who wish to shoot handguns must have a valid Connecticut State Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers.

Members pay no range fee and shoot as often as they like on the designated days and evenings set aside for them.  Non-members from Ridgefield pay only $10.00 range fee to shoot. The $15.00 range fee for non-members who live outside of Ridgefield is among the lowest in the area.

General meetings are held where members and prospective members are invited to attend and offer suggestions. The Annual Meeting features an excellent all-you-can-eat buffet, while fresh coffee, soft drinks, and donuts are the fare at the others.

Contact a club officer or the Range Officer on duty for further details.


The Ramapoo membership process requires that you apply in person when we are staffed (see the Club Calendar). You must have a valid Connecticut pistol permit which is inspected before you complete the membership application. You then will receive a live fire check out (with your handgun) by one of our instructors/range safety officers. If approved, you will pay a $50 application fee, a $100 backstop assessment and the first years' dues of $75 (total application payment of $225). There will be a 30 day probationary period, during which you have membership privileges. After this period, you will become a full member. If your application is rejected during the probationary period, you will be refunded all fees and dues.

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