Youth Program

The Ramapoo Junior Club is open to any young person, ages 10 to 19, interested in learning to shoot a .22 caliber target rifle.

Our closely supervised program offers thorough but relaxed, competitive training which emphasizes safe handling and operations of firearms. Club owned bolt action, single shot, .22 caliber rim fire target rifles, shooting jackets, slings, and other gear are provided.

A parent must accompany the young person to each session.

We welcome Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts seeking to earn firearms merit badges. This program is open to all juniors (club membership is not required). The Junior Club meets every Friday at 7 pm during the school year and is closed for school holidays and inclement weather. Registrations are accepted any Friday. 

Please note:

In view of recent Connecticut Legislative changes, the Ramapoo Junior Rifle Program will be unable to provide ammunition for the Program until such time as a qualified opinion letter from the State Police, other appropriate regulatory agency or valid authority is received. Therefore, in order to participate in the program, each parent will be required to purchase and supply the ammunition used by their son or daughter. Standard/low velocity .22 LR caliber rim fire bullets are acceptable for the type of target rifle shooting we do. Instruction and all of the other equipment such as rifles, shooting jackets, targets, slings, mats, range time, etc., will, for the present, be furnished without charge by Ramapoo. A modest program fee may be put in place later in the shooting season depending on operational costs.
Information regarding the ammunition issue from the State of Connecticut, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) follows.

"On or after October 1, 2013, only holders of a valid CT Carry Permit, Eligibility Certificate, Long Gun Eligibility Certificate or Ammunition Certificate will be able to lawfully purchase ammunition and/or magazines.
Applications for Ammunition Certificates will be available by July 1, 2013. “

How do I obtain the new ammunition certificate?
Any person 18 or older may request DESPP to perform a national criminal history records check to determine if such person is eligible to possess a firearm in Connecticut. You must appear in person to have your photograph taken and submit your initial application. DESPP will issue the certificate for a fee of $35 and after a successful records check. The ammunition certificate will be valid for five years”

Applications for the Ammunition Certificate will be available at Ramapoo on Friday evenings, beginning September 13, 2013.

All Junior Shooters and their parent/guardian must complete the Junior Program Waiver and Registration. The parent/guardian must accompany the Junior Shooter and remain on site during all phases of the shooting program.

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